Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly as a Personal Lubricant for Sex? Is it Safe?

Vaseline as Sex Lubricant
Is Using Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly as a Personal Lubricant during Intercourse Safe?

In today’s article, let us discuss about the pros and cons of using Vaseline during sex.

A personal lubricant comes handy during the initial days of the intercourse when the female vagina doesn’t produce natural lubricant in order to facilitate pain-free sex.

There are different types of personal lubricants available in the market such as water based lubes, oil based lubricants and silicone based lubricants. However, one of our readers has recently sent us a query that read – Can we use Vaseline as a lubricant during sex?

This is not a surprise question if you’ve faced the following scenario.

Say if you and your partner are together and things got wild all of a sudden. The next thing you realized is that you don’t have a lubricant handy as the romantic situation was actually unplanned. Since Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly is a common household product, you decide to use it in place of actual lube.

Well, if you’re one of such kind, then don’t worry! Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly is actually derived from Crude Oil and people have been using it for a very long time as a body cream, and also for hair grooming. It has a lot of advantages like heeling cracked lips, nosebleeds, chest colds etc…But, we’re now going to discuss only about using Vaseline as a lubricant during sexual intercourse.

Pros of using Vaseline as a Personal Lubricant

Below are a few advantages of benefits of using the Petroleum Jelly instead of regular lubricant.

  • It has been used for a long time as a lube for anal sex and vaginal sex. But, it is safe only to some extent. Below are a few benefits of Vaseline as a personal lubricant.
  • Its price is cheap compared to regular personal lubes in the market.
  • Thick in nature. So, just small application is enough for a full sex game. Therefore, it lasts longer and doesn’t dry out so easily.
  • It is smooth in nature when touched.
  • It just sticks to the area where applied.
  • There is no glycerin content in the Vaseline. So, women won’t find any skin irritations.

Cons using Vaseline as a Lubricant during Intercourse

Below are the major disadvantages of applying Vaseline to your private area and having sex.

  • Not for Oral sex.
  • It is not slippery and hence you can’t enjoy the free movement while having sex like you do using the regular sex lubes.
  • The Vaseline may help some harmful bacteria to grown inside the women’s vagina.
  • Not compatible with latex condoms and so it can’t be used for safe sex.
  • Leaves stains in bed after the sexual intercourse. It is also sticky in nature, which means tough to clean. Not only that, Vaseline that is entered into the vagina is also very difficult to clean.
  • When you use it as a lube for anal sex, there is a higher risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

Based on the above facts, you can clearly notice that the Cons overtake the Pros of using Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly as a lube during sex. I strongly oppose using it while having sex due to several health risks. Instead, invest in some best water based lubricants for pain-free and also risk-free sexual experience.

Is It Safe to use Vaseline as Lubricant During Pregnancy?

The household products like petroleum jelly, baby oil, olive oil, body moisturizers can be used for time being but not a long-term as the ingredients such as glyecerin, colors and fragrances could increase the risk of irritation during the pregnancy period.

So, I suggest to use water-based lubricants, which too come with some cons, but they’re less risky. Any product with no glycerin and artificial ingredients is safe to use during pregnancy.

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