Best Push Up Bras that Make your Breasts Bigger

Although, most women think that having bigger and well-rounded breasts involves either painful and expensive breast augmentation surgeries, popping hormone pills or massaging the breasts using expensive creams and gels for months and years but a good-quality push up bra can give an instant boost to the breasts without doing any of these things.

And when it comes to push-up bras, one is spoilt for options. One can choose from padded bras, gel-filled bras, underwire bras, adhesive breast lifts and silicone bra inserts.

Here are a couple of tips on choosing the right push-up bra –

  • Get the correct bra size – It is important to know the right bra size in order to buy a push up bra. Wearing a wrong bra size can make the breasts look unnatural and make the wearing experience uncomfortable and unhealthy. So, get fitted professionally and choose the correct bra size.
  • Choose the Right Push-up Bra Style – Push-up bras come with different structure, shapes and degree of decoration. While some push up bras use underwire, other use padding to accentuate the bustline. Underwire can be a bit uncomfortable for prolonged wear. You can also choose from strapless or stick on push up bras. Choosing the style depends completely on a person’s personal preference.

So, let’s check out the list of the best push-up bras that make breasts bigger.

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Best Bras to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Instantly

1.Underwire Bras

Underwire bras are one of the best breast enlargement bras that is used widely by women. Although, it is a World War II invention but it is still quite popular in the 21st century.

Underwire bras sue a thin, semi-circular strip of a rigid material fitted inside the fabric of the brassiere that lifts, shapes and supports a woman’s breasts.

Underwire Bras for Big Breasts

The concept of underwire bra inspired a wide range of bra designs such as the low-plunge bra, demi bra, strapless bra, etc.

Underwire bras provide a subtle lift and enhancement of the cleavage along with wholesome support so that the wearer feels comfortable. It also gives a nice shape to the breasts under fitted clothing.

But, the underwire bra is suitable for women with a slender build. Women with a curvier build might find it a bit uncomfortable. The wires might poke on the ribs. But some modern underwire bras come with a deep plunge that provides more space for the breasts.

2.Push Up Bra

Push up bras are one of the most widely worn bra types that not only increase bra size, but also affects its appearance in multiple ways.

Some of the best push up bras to make your breasts look bigger come with padding or bump pads that provide a well-endowed appearance to the breasts. Push up bras also come with removable foam inserts instead of built-in ones so that the wearer can customize the breast shape as per her own preference.

Push up Bras for Small Breasted Women

Recent innovations in push up bras provide instant extra boost to the breast. Strapless push ups have air cushions embedded in the bra that instantly add air into the cups and give a bigger and better lift to the breasts.

Most push up bras are wire-free and seamless which makes them soft and extremely comfortable to wear. Overall, push-up bras are suitable for women with smaller breast size. Women with uneven cup sizes can also opt for push up bras with removable padding.

3.Padded Bras

Padded bras are one of the most popular types of bras that not only makes small breasts look bigger, but also make your breasts look fuller and more lush. The best padded bras to increase breast size contains even padding or pockets for padding which helps to compensate for uneven or disproportional breasts.

Apart from giving a larger appearance to the breasts, padded bras add shape to the form of the breasts. It prevents them from looking too pointy. Padded bras flatten out the pointed look and give a well-rounded appearance to the breasts. It also lifts up the sagging breasts.

Padded Bras with Memory Foam Padding

Padded bras also prevent the breasts from moving around wildly. It provides firm support to your breasts and holds them in place.

In some cases, padded bras have underwire to provide a more subtle and natural enhancement and to smooth out any nipple definition.

Padded bras vary in terms of padding – they can be light, medium or heavy padded. In some bras, the padding is present in the bottom or the sides of the cup depending on the intended effect of the bra. Padded bras are most suitable for women with small breasts or for those with uneven breasts.

4.Air-filled, Water-filled, or Gel-filled Bras

Gel, air and water-filled bras are a subset of padded bras. These are the perfect bras that make your breast look bigger and give a more natural appearance to it.

The air, water and gel-filled bras provide a larger and well-rounded appearance to the breasts and these bras move more naturally with the body.

Gel Filled Push Up Bra
Gel Filled Bra

And the best thing about these bras is that they are not bulky or stiff, so they don’t weigh your down. Air-filled, water-filled and gel-filled bras are available in strapless option as well, which makes them more versatile compared to other bras.

Water Filled Push Up Bra
Water Filled Bra


5.Silicone Bra Inserts

Silicone bra inserts are not entirely a bra, they are a set of removable silicone-filled padding that can be inserted into a bra for getting instant cleavage. Silicone bra inserts are also called chicken fillet cutlets.

Silicone bra inserts are by far the most cost-effective option that can be coupled with your existing lingerie. All you need to do is put these inserts into your bra or bikini and you have an instant increase in breast size.

Silicone Breast Lifting Bras

Because, these inserts have a semi-soft, gel-like texture they are extremely comfortable for prolonged wear and look natural.

Those who are allergic to silicone, plastic or rubberized material should stay away from silicone bra inserts because they come in direct contact with the skin and may cause irritations.

6.Adhesive Breast Lifts

Adhesive breast lists are the best push-up bras for small breasts are ideal for those looking for a braless look. These breast lifts render a natural shape and look to the breasts with a subtle lift.

It helps to maintain the breasts at a higher level so that they appear perkier and toned with a hint of a cleavage.

Reusable Adhesive Bras

These bra lifts come with adhesive breast list tapes that are made from medical grade adhesive that stick to the breasts and provide a lift without causing any discomfort. These breast lifts move with the breasts which make them highly flexible and versatile. They can be work with all types of outfits without any exposed bra straps.

Adhesive bra lifts also come with extra padding that provide fuller looking breasts. Because the bra sticks to the breasts so there is no question of any embarrassing gap between breasts that happens in case of regular push up bras.

Most of these adhesive bra lifts are made from hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested material that does not cause any skin allergy. But you must remember that most adhesive bra lists are intended to stay in place for only 8 to 10 hours, so they have a specific time limit.

So, these are the best push up bras for small bust that give a fuller and rounder appearance to small breasts along with an attractive cleavage. You can choose any one from the list as per your requirement.

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