10 Lesser Known Facts about Buttocks You Should Know

A lot of women these days are trying to achieve a bigger butt and it has even become a norm to have a big booty in some countries too. While a few women are failing in their attempts, a lot of them are succeeding in increasing their buttocks size. Whether you have increased your bum size or not, there are a few things or facts that you didn’t know about your butt (asset).

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Buttocks

  1. According to the researches, the kids who’re born to women with wider hips and bigger buttocks are mentally superior to those born to less curvaceous women.
  2. A recent study has found that women with pear-shaped physique are less likely to be hit by heart diseases.
  3. In a survey conducted by a popular Women’s magazine, it is found that ladies enjoy the complements on their butt more than any other part of their body. So, next time when you see a women, tell her that her butt is so…big.
  4. Genetics and hormones play a major role in deciding the size of your buttocks. Your high estrogen levels decide where the fat should be stored in your body.
  5. Kim Kardashian has become instantly popular with her butt photo shoot. Her buttocks are natural and she even submitted to X-rays to prove that she isn’t using any Silicone implants to fake her butt.
  6. The 1992 anthem ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix A Lot has took the MTV by storm and even won a Grammy award. In those days, it was very special to have a round booty.
  7. The Glutes (butt muscles) are the biggest as well as strongest muscles in your entire body. So, don’t underestimate the power of Buttocks.
  8. There are some species of Turtles which could breathe through their buttocks. Surprising, isn’t it! This specialty of the turtles is extremely useful during hibernation.
  9. It is reported that Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo), the popular Latina singer & actress has insured her sit-upon for $27 million. Well, some people take it to the extreme, isn’t it!
  10. Selfies have become very old and there is a new trend that is setting the Instagram on fire – Belfie or Butt Selfies. You can find a lot of women these days are posting their belfies on several social media sites.

Well, these are the top 10 facts which most of you don’t know about your butt. The buttocks are the biggest asset of any women. So, why hide them! Show it to the world and earn a name for yourself.


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