Hydrogel Injections for Buttocks Growth: Side Effects, Procedure & Pictures

Hydrogel injections are a very popular way to increase buttocks size without any plastic surgery procedure with long downtime.

In this procedure, the surgeon injects the person with the hydrogel solution which is 97.5 % water and the rest is composed of polyacrylamide.

Many say that the results of permanent but that claims are widely disputed. As per few reputed surgeons, Hydrogel butt injection effects will last only for about 18 months whereas butt lift surgery is permanent.

To be more specific, Hydrogel injections are illegal in the United States as they’re not FDA approved. However, there’s an underground market of practitioners who’ll perform butt injections, sometimes with disastrous results.

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Hydrogel Butt Injection Procedure – What Happens?

If the procedure takes place in a doctor’s office, then it usually takes place within an hour or two. The doctor first verifies the areas that the patient wishes to enhance. After the places are identified, the doctor will start the surgery.

The doctor first makes a small incision in the patients skin and inserts a thin canulla and then adds the hydrogel solution above the muscle tissue in the selected areas. Once the surgeon fills the injections into each area of your buttocks, he will deeply massage those areas in order to bring a proper shape to the buttocks. Once done, the patient is wrapped in compression bandages or garments for two days to heal.

After the two day period, the bandages were removed and the surgeon will finalize the shape of the buttocks.

Hydrogel Buttocks Implants – Before and After Pictures

Hydrogel Buttocks Injections Before After Photos

Hydrogel Buttocks Implants – Are they Safe?

When we take the people who’ve taken Hydrogel butt injections into consideration, there is around 85% failure rate which means only 15 people out of 100 who’ve undergone the Hydrogen implants are getting positive results while the remaining 85 people are getting disastrous results.

Hydrogel Butt Injections Gone Wrong

We’ve earlier discussed about the risks of illegal butt injections in an article where a Woman has lost both her legs and hands after she have undergone the procedure and other women died after she was injected with butt injections. [source]

So, it is advised not to go for Hydrogel butt injections in order to get bigger buttocks. If you’re looking for instant results, consider these instant butt lifter panties or Brazilian butt-lift surgery.


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