How to Get Rid of Hip Dips/Violin Hips Naturally?

Hip Dips aka Violin Hips are a natural occurrence in the human body, which may not be liked by some women because of how its looks.

In some women, the hip dips can be too deep and makes them uncomfortable in situations like going to the beach in a bikini.

Note: Even men have hip dips, but since women’s hips are generally wider, they’re much more noticeable.

What are Hip Dips?

Firstly, let me assure you that hips dips is not a disease or disability and are not harmful. So, don’t get freaked out if you’ve one.

What are High Hips or Violin Hips?The violin hips are nothing but inward curves that appear below your hip bone. They go by different names in different places, which include:

  • Hip dents
  • Violin Hips
  • Trochanteric Depression
  • High hips
  • Shelf hips
  • Figure 8/spoon body shape

Not all hip dips are noticeable and it depends on the individual’s body.

What Causes Hip Dips?

The unusual shape is caused by having ‘high hips’ i.e., if you’ve a wide pelvis that sits up high, it leads to a slight dip or gap between your hip bone and your femur aka thigh bone.

This little gap forms the inward curve and causes dents on your hips.

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips?

It should also be noted that most people will have hip dips, but only in the rare cases you’ll find a noticeable hip dip (deep ones).

Do Love Handles Contribute to Hip Dips?

Yes, love handles do make high hips look far worse. These love handles highlight those hip dips further.

Get Rid of Love Handles with Hip Dips

In simple language, having hip dips with love handles is like having a curve over a curve.

Celebrities who have Hip Dents

Mily Cyrus, Beyonce, and Kelly Brooks with Hip Dips

How to Get Rid of Hip Dips?

Frankly speaking, there is no way or ointment or machine to remove hip dips and if anyone said so, please don’t believe him. Since, they’re a part of our bone structure, we can’t get rid of them.

Fortunately, there are some ways to hide them or make them less noticeable.

Method 1: Exercises to Make Hip Dips Less Noticeable

With proper diet and workout routine, you’ll be able to hide those high hips and save yourself from the discomfort while wearing a bikini in the beach.

The below workouts will help you gain more muscle in your butt and hips, thereby eliminating those annoying shelf hips. Working out your Gluteus Maximus muscle will add extra volume to your buttocks and gives them a rounder and lifted shape.

#1.Side Leg Lifts

  1. Lie down on your yoga mat to your right side and stretch your legs straight.
  2. Using your right elbow, rest your head on it while facing to your right.
  3. Keeping your left arm and right leg on the mat, lift your left leg upwards to form a ‘V’ shape.
  4. Stay in that position for few seconds and bring the leg down.
  5. Repeat the steps 3 & 4 for about 10 to 15 times, before shifting to the other side.

#2.Side Lunges

  1. Stand with your feet together on a mat.
  2. Keeping your right leg straight, extend your left leg to your side with a slight bend at the knee.
  3. Just like you’re sitting in a chair, sit your hips back and push the buttocks out behind you, at the same time bending your left knee.
  4. Engage your glutes to push up out of the lunge position with your right heel and return back to the starting pose.
  5. Repeat this rep on both the sides for about 10 to 15 reps on each side.

#3.Hip Thrust

  1. With your shoulders resting on the side, sit next to your bench on the floor.
  2. While bending your knees, place your feet flat on the ground about hip width apart in front of you.
  3. Engage your abdominal and back muscles, tighten your core and hold back in a straight position.
  4. By squeezing your glutes, lift your hips upwards until they’re level with your knees, while your shoulders are supported by the bench
  5. Lower your hips back to the ground, keeping your glutes in engage position all the time. This finishes 1 rep.
  6. Try to do at least 8 to 10 repetitions.

P.S: For best results, use a bar with weights.


  1. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart.
  2. Keeping your back straight, slowly lower your body until your thighs come parallel to the floor.
  3. Ensure that your arms support the body weight and your legs in kneeling position.
  4. Slowly raise your body back up by balancing with your hands and keeping the weight only on your legs.
  5. Repeat up to 10 to 15 times.


Deadlift is similar to the Squats, except that you’ll use a bar with weights in your hands. This form of squatting is very powerful and gives you much better results compared to the regular squats.

#6.Donkey Kicks

  1. Lay on all-fours with your knees supporting the lower back and your palms laying flat supporting the upper body.
  2. Keeping your spine straight, extend your left leg and lift it upwards behind you, while keeping your right knee on the ground.
  3. Now, bring it back down gently.
  4. Repeat the steps for about 10 to 15 times before moving on to the other leg.

Method 2: How to Dress Violin Hips? (Shapewear)

Although, there is no permanent way to get rid of hip dents, you can follow these simple tips to hide those deep hip dips and smooth out your shape.

  • Say good-bye to tight fitting low waistbands. Instead, choose looser clothes.
  • Wear tops that are both longer and flow more
  • Unless you’ve a skinny waist to show off your curves, it is recommended to avoid wearing the tight/high-waisted bottoms.
  • Compression underwear can help shape your love handles and can reduce the ‘dents’.
  • There are a few padded underwear garments that can fill the dips and make them less noticeable.

Padded Underwear for Hip Dips

The product we’re referring to is a very high quality padded underwear for hip dents from Bubbles® Bodywear. These hip pads gives a little boost to your hips by filling out the dents.

Hip Pads for Reducing Hip Dips Instantly

You can stick these to the inside of your underwear very easily and instantly make your hip dents less noticeable. Since they come with reusable adhesive backing, you can use them multiple times.

Watch the below video, which demonstrates the use of hip pads and how they can hide the dents on your sides.

Other Alternatives to Fill Up Hip Dents Naturally

If you can’t find the above two options friendly, then the only alternative option that I recently came across is using the Chinese herb called ‘Volufiline’.

If you’ve read our other articles related to creams for buttocks or breast enlargement creams, then you might’ve come across the word ‘Volufiline’, which is one of the best herbs for increasing fat storage in the body.

This natural herb fills out your hip dents by growing fat cells into the spot where it is applied. So, you can apply the Volufiline cream on your hips and let the fat cover those dents naturally.

However, do note that the results may take some time to appear. Since not all body types are equal, the results vary with each individual. You can’t lose the high hips overnight. So, please be patient.

Follow the above methods to get rid of hip dips naturally. And, lastly, please remember that hip dips are not a disease and everyone around you have it too.


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