What Foods Make Your Butt Bigger Naturally?

What if I say there are certain foods that make your buttocks bigger naturally?

Yes! By following the butt-friendly diet plan, you can increase your booty without any side effects.

The foods are rich in healthy carbs and can help in increasing the fat storage in our body. If taken in moderation, you’ll not become fat but can boost your butt.

Generally, in women, booty is the first place where the fat is accumulated. For men, the first place would be their belly.

So, if you eat the right foods along with our most effective buttocks exercises, then you’ll surely get your booty pumped up in just a few weeks.
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When you perform any workouts, there are two ways your buttocks grow in size.

  1. Resistance Phase: In this phase, the workouts you do will put continuous pressure on the gluteus muscles, thereby allowing it to grow.
  2. Recovery Phase: This phase occurs after you’ve finished your workout. In this, the muscles that are worked out during the exercise will need to recover from the pressure they’ve been put up to and in this process, they ensure proper growth of your booty.

In this article, we’ll be discussing about the recovery phase as that is where we should care about the diet for getting a big butt.

Note: If you’re looking for quicker results, then it is recommended to supplement your diet with herbs and use either the buttocks cream or butt enhancement pills as this combination helps speed up your butt building process.

What Foods to Eat to Make Your Buttocks Bigger?

Foods that make your butt bigger naturallyAssuming that you’ve already performed some booty enhancing workouts, this is the time to concentrate on the diet.

Generally, after any workout session, the common scenario is our muscles try to repair themselves.

So, if we provide good amount of calories from the right foods (combination of healthy carbs, fat and protein) at this point of time, then we’ll get the best results.

Most people work harder in the gym but skip their diet, which is not really good. It does help in growing your booty, but it takes a lot of time to reap the benefits.

If you supplement your exercise with right foods, then you can easily build up your butt muscles in less time.
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Not many people know how to count calories in order to maintain, gain or lose weight. If you’re one among them, then don’t worry! As I’ll make your task simpler.

Generally, people who take the right amount of calories according to their BMR will be able to maintain their weight. But, if you’re looking to gain weight, then you should eat more. For those who’re looking to shape their butt but get lean at the same time, then they should eat less and workout more. It’s simple science.

For now, don’t worry much about calorie counting, as your body will automatically tell you when you’re hungry. Just follow your own instincts but choose the right type of foods to reap the benefits.

List of Foods that Go Straight to Your Butt

All the foods that were mentioned below are very butt-friendly and healthy too. If you’re eating junk foods (bad carbs), then stop that routine as it will not only increase your butt size, but also your overall weight.
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They contain unhealthy carbs which spikes your insulin levels, which is not good for your overall health.

After you’ve performed the butt enhancement workouts, your booty enters the ‘repair cycle’ where there will be tiny microscopic tears in your gluteul and the muscles surrounding it. In this phase, it looks for calories and when you provide calories from healthy foods with the correct ratio of carbs, fat and proteins, then you’ll able to grow your butt naturally.

So, it is always important to have a proper diet after you’ve finished your workout session.

How Much Should You Eat?

You should aim to consume 10-30 gm of protein and some carbs (¼ of your daily total intake) within 30 minutes after your workout. In case you do a lot of resistance training, then aim for 0.8g of carb per 1 kg of your body weight and 0.2 to 0.4 g of protein per 1 kilogram of your body weight spread across the day.

Listed below are the foods that increase your buttocks size naturally. I’ve also given the macro-nutrients information for the respective foods for better understanding.


100% Whey Protein PowderIf you want to increase your buttocks size, then you’ll have to increase your protein intake. Don’t mistake that only bodybuilders would require protein shakes. In general, every human being require proteins in order to stay healthy. So, drink a protein shake after your workout session and also in between your meals. Below are a few protein rich foods you should include in your diet.

  • Protein powder (vegetarians can choose hemp protein. It contains no animal by-products). Our preferred choice: 100% Whey Protein
  • Kidney beans: Highly nutritious, but toxic if not properly cooked or raw. 100 gm serving contains 127 calories, 22.8 g carbs, and 8.7 g protein.
  • Chickpeas: Also known as garbanzo beans, these are high in protein and fiber content along with vital minerals and vitamins. 100 gm serving contains 364 calories, 61 g carbs and 19 g protein.
  • Soya nuts: Available in different forms – soy flour, soy protein, tofu, soy milk, soy sauce and soybean oil. They’re rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. 100 g serving (cooked) contains 173 calories, 16 gm protein and 10 g carbohydrates.
  • Cottage cheese: It is a dairy product made from milk and has been an important of our human diet. It is highly delicious as well as nutritious. A 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese contains 81 calories, 10 g protein and 4.8 g carbs.
  • Veg burger: Unlike its non-vegetarian counterpart, the veggie burgers has no risk of colon cancer and so is widely considered by many health enthusiasts. Most veg burgers contain 70 to 170 calories each based on the sizes. Choose the burger with soy protein and with less sodium.
  • Eggs: Eggs are no doubt one of the superfoods on the planet. They’re loaded with nutrients like Vit A, B5, B12, B2, Folate, Phosphorus, Selenium, Vit D, E, K, Calcium and Zinc. A single egg contains 77 calories, 6 gm protein and 5 g healthy fats.
  • Chicken breasts (prefer skinless): Chicken is one of the best low carb foods with high protein content. It should definitely be included in your diet if you’re trying to built your butt.
  • Salmon fish: An excellent source of Vitamin B12, Vit D, Selenium and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Tuna fish: Especially good for heart health. It helps in reducing the coronary heart disease as it contains very high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. A must for every one, irrespective of their gender.
  • Turkey: A very rich source of protein, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. It also contains Vitamin B6 and niacin. Be sure to get skinless turkey as it contain less fat.
  • XXtra lean ground beef: Unlike the regular ground beef, the extra lean ground beef contains fewer calories, less fat and similar protein content. A 3-ounce lean ground beef has 164 calories and 2.9 g saturated fat, which is very less compared to the earlier.
  • and most lean cut meats

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2.Complex Carbohydrates:

Complex Carbohydrates to increase buttocks size

When it comes to carbohydrates, below are a few foods that are rich in healthy carbs.

  • Brown Rice: Compared to its white counterpart, the brown rice is a healthier option. It is rich in anti-oxidants and high in fiber content (gift to people with constipation). Unlike the white rice, the brown variant releases the sugar slowly, thererby stabilizing the blood sugar levels.
  • Quinoa: It is gluten-free, protein rich and contain all 9 essential amino acids. 1 cup (185 g) Quinoa contains 8 g protein, 222 calories and 39 g carbs.
  • Oats: They’re rich in dietary fiber and can keep your weight in control. A 100 g serving has 390 cal, 66g carbs and 17 g protein. Even fiber content is very high (11g).
  • Brown bread (whole grain bread, eat it in limited portions)
  • Sweet Potatoes: Rich in carbs and so have it in moderation.
  • Weetabix: It is a popular british cereal brand which contains 4 g of fiber, 4.5 gprotein per serving. It is high in iron and B vitamins.
  • Couscous: Rich in niacin, riboflavin, vit B6 and folic acid. It has 3.6 g of protein in just 100 calories.
  • Cereal (low sugar; eat sparingly)

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3.Good Fats

Good Fats vs Bad Fats

Many people get afraid when they hear the word ‘fat’. In reality, fat doesn’t make you fat, but excess calorie consumption does. However, you should note that there are 2 types of fats – good and bad. There are many foods that are rich in good fats, which could help you lose weight.

  • Olive oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Canola oil
  • Nuts like almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts etc.
  • Avocados
  • Peanut Butter (get the natural one)
  • Almond Butter
  • Fish Fat/Oils such as fish oil pills, salmon fat, etc.
  • Soybean oil
  • Soymilk
  • Tofu
  • Flaxseed
  • Walnuts

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4.Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables for Bigger Butt

Generally, they are rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants etc and the good thing about them is that you can eat your stomach full without worrying about the calories. You can get all the vitamins and minerals for your body by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.
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Note: Bananas, Potatoes and Mangoes should be consumed in moderation.

Bigger Butt Diet Plan (Sample Menu)

It is always advised to eat 6 small meals a day for better overall health. Since, you’re trying to boost our buttocks size, we’ll have to focus on foods that make your butt bigger. Here is a sample meal plan that contains right type of foods for your bum.

  • Breakfast: 2 Egg Whites, a Slice of Brown Bread and a fresh fruit
  • Morning Snack: a Bowl of Greek Yogurt with berries (or) a small plate of vegetable salad
  • Lunch: Grilled Chicken Breast with greens
  • Evening Snack: Whole Wheat Bread with Peanut Butter (or) a slim piece of Tuna
  • Dinner: A piece of lean beef steak with veggies
  • Snack: A protein shake (or) handful of nuts and berries of your choice.

Does Eating Junk Food Make Your Buttocks Bigger Fast?

The simple answer is, yes! Eating junk food will definitely make your butt bigger.
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However, you’ll need to understand that junk foods will not only increase your buttocks size, but also your overall body weight. If you’re ultra-thin and wanted to gain some weight quickly, then including these junk foods in your diet is a pretty good idea. But, if you wanted only your booty to grow bigger, then you should stay away from such eating practices.

Impact of Junk Foods on Buttocks Growth

Does Junk Foods Increase my Buttocks Size

Since these junk foods contain a lot of sugar and processed ingredients, they’re normally high in calories. Hence, you won’t be getting any nutritional benefits, except some empty calories. When you consume these junk food items in excess, all the calories (surplus) will be converted into fat and are stored in your adipose tissues. And the fat is usually distributed to different places in your body such as thighs, butt and belly, and not solely to your buttocks area. However, a few lucky ones with better genetics will be able to store more fat on their buttocks instead of their thighs and belly.That said, eating junk foods may increase fat storage in different parts of your body, but you can’t manually control the fat storage location.

Does Cornbread Make Your Bum Bigger?

Recently, I got a query from one of our readers ‘Christie’. She asked whether eating cornbread will make her butt bigger or not.
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It seemed that a lot of other readers too is having this doubt. So, I thought of replying this in the form of an article instead of emailing just her, so that everyone could have their doubts cleared.
Grow Your Butt with CornBread
Well, the answer is both Yes and No. Eating cornbread along with Chilli, Butter etc… can definitely increase your buttocks size because they’re high in carbohydrates and fat. Having said that, you should also note that it will not only increase your booty, but you’ll also gain fat (unwanted padding) elsewhere in your body. Whether the fat is stored on our booty or not depends on several factors like the body type and shape, genetics and hormones.

Say for example, you’ve gained fat around your belly along with the booty after eating the cornbread, then you’ll need to perform belly reducing workouts in order to eliminate the belly fat and have your bum size increased.

That’s all girls! Include these foods to make your buttocks bigger naturally. The combination of proteins, healthy carbs and fat in moderation along with booty shaping workouts is the right key to achieve best results. Although, these foods don’t directly contribute to your buttocks growth, they will definitely help in setting a base for your booty to grow bigger fast.





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