Does Birth Control Pills Make your Breasts Bigger?

Breasts develop in both men and women during their embryonic stage.

However, during puberty the female hormone Estrogen triggers the development of breasts in women and the male hormone testosterone hinders the same in men. Hence the development of breasts starts during puberty and continues through pregnancy and even after childbirth.

Do Birth Control Pills Make Your Breasts Bigger?

Does Birth Control increase Breast Size?

The birth control pill is taken orally by females to prevent pregnancy. It is made up of a combination of man-made hormones Estrogen and progesterone, which is turn prevent ovulation. But it is often speculated that the Pill comes with its share of side effects, and one of them being, increase in size of breasts.

Development of breasts naturally starts at puberty when the ovaries start secreting estrogen. Most of the birth control pills contain estrogen and therefore the tissues in the breasts react well to the estrogen in the pill, causing enlargement of breasts. The reason being that these pills are tricking your body into believing that you are pregnant and just like during pregnancy the hormones cause increase in breast size, the same happens on consuming birth control pills.

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Also the estrogen in the pill has affects the adipose tissue in breasts, which cause them to expand.

However the pill can be taken for preventing pregnancy and also for enlarging one’s breast size but the same should be followed after consulting one’s Doctor, since the Pill comes with its own side effects, nausea, vomiting, headaches, vaginal discharge, sleeplessness, weight gain, etc., are some of them.

While many females would take birth control pills for preventing pregnancy alone, others might take it for preventing pregnancy as well as increase their breast size. It is pointed out that while some women might experience an enlargement of breast size by 2 cups others might not experience any change in size at all, the reason being that growth of the breasts depends on the body type of the person, how long the pill has been taken, etc. Also birth control pills having the hormone progestin alone will not cause breasts to increase in size than those containing the hormone estrogen.

So when you are taking birth control pills you should be prepared for an increase in breast size also. Also if you are taking the pill only for enhancement of breasts then you should always consult your Doctor before the same.

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