Can You Make Your Buttocks Bigger with Running?

Running has got a lot of health benefits and studies show that running can help you trim your body and at the same time tighten your muscles. With such awesome benefits of running, you’ll be happy to hear that running can make your butt bigger too!

If you’re looking to join the bandwagon of running and get a sexy looking butt along the way, then here are a few points to be remembered.

Why Running Makes Your Butt Bigger?

You basically utilize your Glutes muscles every time you run. Glutes muscles are also known as buttocks muscles. These glutes help in thrusting your body forward and as you cross the finish line they stabilize your hips. But normal running makes your bum smaller (leaner).

Want a Bigger Bum? Scale it Up!

If you’re looking to get the apple shaped butt through running, then you should run gradients and steep slopes. The reason is very simple, you’ll need a lot of efforts in scaling the uphill and downhill climbs and when you put in those efforts, your glutes will be forced to work extra hard; thus making your buttocks bigger in the long run.

Running Up Stairs for a Bigger Butt

Use a Resistant Parachute

This might sound strange, but when you attach a ‘running parachute’ to your back while you brisk around the town, you’ll add resistance to your run. By this way, you can get a bigger butt in a short span.

As per the health experts, parachutes don’t affect your joints and so are way better than the weights. They simply focus on toning your buttocks muscles.

Running with Resistance Parachute for Bigger Booty

Sprinting = Curvy Butt

While Jogging and Casual running help you in growing a bigger butt, but it doesn’t equal the effectiveness of Sprinting. With Sprinting, you can improve your buttocks without transforming it into a hard muscle.

For better results with Sprinting, make sure to keep in mind the below two points.

  1. Relax your shoulders while Sprinting.
  2. Limit the contact of your feet with the ground.

If you keep both these points in mind while Sprinting, I’m pretty sure you’d get the bigger booty you’ve always dreamed of.

Woman Sprinting Techniques

Note: Running may make your butt smaller as you’ll be burning more fat all over your body. So, in order to avoid this, make sure to take heavy weight training immediately after each Cardio workout as it will help you in building a bigger butt while burning calories.

Combination of Weight Training with Sprinting & running can help you achieve awesome results in less time. All the best 🙂


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