Natural Breast Enhancement Massage Techniques

Prolactin is the most important hormone in the breast and it is the building block for breast enlargement. If its production can be enthused regularly, the scope of enlargement would be triggered. The phytoestrogens which we are feeding to the body helps production of prolactin but routing the same inside the breast can be better achieved by regular massage of breast for around 15 – 20 minutes. By massage one can activating the receptors inside the breast to take proper nutrition to grow in size.

P.S: Along with these massage techniques, make sure you eat these top 10 estrogen rich foods to increase breast size naturally. For quick results, try to incorporate these breast enlargement exercises in your daily routine.

Massage not only enlarges the breast but also helps in many ways such as:

  • Complete formation of the breast so that it looks better
  • Enrich the lymphatic system
  • Unwanted toxic materials inside the breast is released so that it become toxin free

But a lot depends on the right way of massaging your breast as any wrong way can even lower the size of your breast even. Some of the well known techniques are

  1. Chi Massage
  2. Fat Transfer massage
  3. Reiki Massage
  4. Feng Shui Breast Massage
  5. Lymph Draining Massage
  6. Breast Slapping Technique

Before going into the details of the massages, the following key factors are to be kept in mind :

  • Use of the best cream / oil would be recommended
  • Always massage with warm hands
  • Always place hand on the breast and gently but firmly rub in an inward circular motion in a way that two breast comes closer towards one another
  • For better results massages are to be done twice daily and results can be observed atleast after 30 days

Natural Breasts Enlargement Massage Techniques

How to Do Breast Enlargement Massages?

Breast Enhancement Massage Technique #1: The Chi Massage

It is the easiest method of massage. One has to use a heat pack or even rub your breast to make them warmer which increases the circulation of blood inside breast. Now grab your breast with your hands and fingers spread over it – right breast with right hand and left breast with left hand and rub gently in an inward circular motion. But it has to be made sure that the tissues are being moved while the massage is been done. Please look into the fact that the nipples are to be left alone while doing the massage.

Breast Enlargement Massage Technique #2: Fat Transfer Massage

To follow up with Chi massage is the fat transfer or the skin brushing massage where the target is to decrease fat in the belly and increase fat in the breast. In this method similarly apply a heat pack in the breast to stimulate circulation of blood in breast. Then with open hand especially palms, fats from hands and belly should be pushed towards the breast. Coconut oil can be used as ingredient for doing such massage. This is a proven natural massage to enhance breast where a Japanese woman was able to increase her cup size from B to E in just 3 years.

#3.Increase Breast Size with Reiki Massage

Reiki, as we all know is a Japanese term where use of spiritual energy inside a person is used for various ailments of the body. Performing this massage would increase blood circulation inside the breast and help it to grow. This technique also helps to perfect loose and / or shapeless breasts. In this method one have to grab the breasts with both hands and start rotating the same simultaneously inwards in a circular motion beneath the palm. At least 300 rotations should be done in 5 minutes session for better results.

#4.Feng Shui Breast Massage to Make Boobs Bigger

Feng Shui is based on circulation of energy inside the body and this technique uses energy inside body to breast enhancement. In this technique, knuckles are used for making circles of the breast in place of palm. Here knuckles are used in the pressure points inside the breast to generate energy inside the breast which in turn enhance the breast. In addition to the massage, after taking bra off each of the breasts are to squeezed for about ten times each as a part of this massage.

#5.Lymph Draining Massage for Bigger Breasts

This technique was first used in Germany in which body is stroked with pressure in the direction of lymph nodes for encouraging production of oestrogen which boosts enlargement of breasts. The lymphs are massaged properly from nipple outwards in all directions under medical supervision for generating flow of essential hormones inside the body for better breast growth.

#6.Increase Boob Size with Breast Slapping Technique

This technique was developed in Thailand, where a woman was found and caught by her grandmother while using breast enhancement cream. To this her grandmother told to stop using such cream and slap them until the breasts hurt. She found that after some sessions of her grandmother and rubbing the same with ice cold water to reciprocate the hurt, the breast grew by around 4 inches all of a sudden. She thereafter uses this technique for all her peers and as a result client from all over the world became her follower. During such session, she slaps pinches and even squeezes muscles and fats on the top of the breasts for around 10 minutes and this continues for at least 6 sessions in tandem for 6 days. This has proven results in females all over the globe and has also been approved technique recently. But women who have taken such technique for breast enhancement often say that the session are although very painful but gives good results.

Finally to conclude it can be said that breast massage is one of the best ways for breast enhancement and the results for such techniques are also very good. But this has to be done on regular basis and two or more techniques can be used for better results.

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