Best Personal Lubricant Brands for Sex

If you’re a newly married couple, then your sex life would be a bit painful (in most cases) due to the absence of natural lubricant generated by your body. That is where these best personal lubricants or oils come handy. By applying these lubricants, you can lower your pain while insertion and at the same time increase sexual pleasure.

Best Personal Lubricant Brands

In reality, sex isn’t always as fruitful as it seems in the movies. A few speed breakers of sexual intercourse are

  • In-coordination
  • Uncomfortable
  • She doesn’t get wet naturally (Vaginal dryness)
  • and many more…

There are a few best solutions to this problem, like using the lubricated condoms or personal lubricants. However, not many people like the condoms idea, and hence it is better to follow the later. A personal lube can help you stay away from dryness and chafing during the intercourse.

If any particular lube gives you a pain free and sexual pleasure, then it is surely the best personal lubricant in the market.

It may be a time consuming process to find the best lube from the thousands of lubricants available in the market, which is why we’ve created a list of the best lubricants for safe & best sexual interactions based on our own experiences and from different users who’ve actually tried the lubricants.

So, be quick in selecting the best personal lubricant based on your needs. All the below listed lubes can be used for general purposes like normal sex, anal sex, masturbating etc…

What is Personal Lubricant or Lube?

Well, according to the Wikipedia, a lubricant is a substance which can lower the friction between the moving surfaces. In general application, the meaning is absolutely correct. But, if you’re interested in knowing about the personal lubricant, then the meaning may differ slightly.

Personal lubricants are specifically used while having a sexual intercourse to reduce the friction between different body parts (penis, vagina, anus etc…) or objects (sex toys in this case).

Why Do You Need a Lubricant During Sex?

Vaginal dryness is the most deviating factor when it comes to the Sex in Women. If the vagina is not wet, then the intercourse may be uncomfortable for both the partners involved in the intercourse. Most people think that all Women produce vaginal lubrication naturally, but this is not the case in reality. There are a lot of reasons why a Woman could not produce natural lubrication while having sex – stress, lack of sleep, hormones, and medical conditions, to name a few.

As a result of this, both the partners may experience pain during sex. A personal lubricant can be used in these situations to have a smoother and pleasurable sex. If you’re thinking about having the anal sex, then it is almost necessary to use a lubricant.

Different Types of Personal Lubricants

There are total 3 types of personal lubes – water based, oil based lubricants & silicone based lubes.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. As of now, water based lubricants are trending in the market. They’re mostly preferred by couples who love vaginal sex while the silicone based lubes are best for anal sex.

1.Water Based Lubricants

These are the most popular type of personal lubricants on the market and let us find out what makes these water based lubes popular.


  • Since it contains H2o, it can be easily absorbed by our skin, sheets and other fabrics, which makes cleaning much easier.
  • They are latex-condom compatible. The condoms are very important for safe sex and since these water-based lubes are latex compatible, it is definitely an advantage.
  • They do not thicken and become clumpy with friction.
  • They also come in Glycerin-free versions so that you can stay away from yeast infections.


  • Easily absorbed by the skin. The same advantage has become a big disadvantage in its case. Although it is easy to clean up, you’ll have to reapply with more often during the intercourse as it will be absorbed quickly. This can kill your mood for sure.
  • These water-based lubes cannot be used while in the pool, bathtub as they are easily dissolved in the water.
  • Also, not recommended for anal sex.

2.Oil Based Lubricants

As the name implies, they’re made using a variety of oils. But, they are usually flavored and contains a desensitizing agent which helps in long-lasting intercourse. They are also good for oral sex.

Pros: Lasts longer than the water based lubes; No repeated application needed until unless you’re having intercourse all-day; Best lubes for anal sex;

Cons: Not very easy to clean up; Not compatible with latex condoms;

3.Silicone based Lubricants

These are usually made with a very few ingredients. They don’t contain water and few users have noticed the risk of yeast infections. The feel is much different than the other two types of lubricants when applied. Only a few lubes are compatible with the latex condoms and so you should read the label carefully before picking up.


  • As these lubes are not water-based, they stay viable for longer periods. They’re also best for longer relief from vaginal dryness.
  • They don’t cause allergies on sensitive skin.
  • Can be used in water; such as pool, bathtub etc…
  • They’re also best for anal intercourse.


  • They’re not compatible with toys, especially those made with silicone rubber.
  • Not easy to clean up, both from the skin and sheets or other fabrics.
  • They taste horrible.

Best Personal Lubricant Reviews: Find the Best Lube for Sex!

Like promised, here we’re listing only the best lubes that we’ve tried and liked. You can, however, select the one that fits your needs.

#1.Astroglide Personal lubricant

Astroglide Water Based Lubricant for Sex
Astroglide is one of the best water based lubricants in the market. It helps you last longer than most other lubes. If you’re looking for the best lube for anal sex, then you should definitely get it shipped to your address. One more interesting benefit of this lube against its competitors is that you don’t have to apply it repeatedly during your intercourse.

This vaginal moisturizer is long-lasting, petroleum free and extra slick. You can also apply it on latex condoms for safe sex. Astroglide lube can also be used on toys and it is easily cleanable.

#2.Passion Lubes

Passion Lubes Water Lubricant for Women
It is a popular & natural water based lube which is mostly used for masturbating, either with your partner or using the sex toys. Although, it is not specifically made for anal sex, you can still consider using it. Its texture makes masturbation more stimulating.

#3.Shibari Personal Lubricant

Shibari Personal Lube for Vaginal Sex
One of the most recommended lubricants for women to get relief from vaginal dryness. Best for women who’re either breastfeeding or in the menopause stage. As the formula is waterbased, you can easily clean it up after the intercourse is over.

This premium lubricant is ideal for those with smooth sensation and soft skin.

#4.Pre-Seed Personal Lube

PreSeed Lubricant for Women
It is similar to the most other water based lubricants out there, but it is said to be family & sperm friendly lube. It can also be used with latex & polyurethane condoms. You will feel no irritation at all.

#5.Ocean Sensuals [G]

G-Spot Stimulatin Gel for Women
Just a single drop of this lube can make your sex wonderful. It is one of the best female stimulating gels, which when used, result in heightened arousal & stronger orgasms. It actually helps stimulate the most sensitive spots like the G Spot. This formula promotes multiple orgasms by increasing blood flow to your clitoris. Their products are colorless, odorless and tasteless. They are latex condom compatible and are easily cleanable.

#6.K-Y UltraGel:

KY Ultragel Lubricant for Painless Insertion
This is one of the most popular personal water based lubricants on the market and also the #1 doctor recommended lube brand in the USA. It can help solve the discomfort of vaginal dryness in women during the sexual intercourse. It is neither sticky nor greasy and hence easy to clean after the session is over. This gel is also compatible with latex condoms.

#7.DreamBrands Carrageenan All Natural:

Carrageenan Natural Lubricant for Sex
This particular lube is made up of all natural ingredients. Due to its pH balanced formula, you can stay safe from yeast infections. It is a waterbased, odorless and tasteless lubricant. You can use it along with latex condoms.

#8.Aloe Cadabra Organic Personal Lubricant

Aloevera Sex Lubricant for Women
This is a 100% organic pH balanced lube ideal for sensitive skin. It contains organic aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil and has no parabens or glycerin. It is completely vegan and edible for oral sex lovers. This water based lube can also be used with silicone toys.

#9.Wet Original Lubricant:

Wet Personal Lube for Anal Intercourse
Although, not popular as the K-Y gel, the wet original lube is still one of the most effective lubricant, as quoted by many people who’ve used it personally.

Since, it is a silicone-based lube, it can be used even in the water (pool, bathtub etc…). It is condom compatible and also long lasting.

#10.Pjur Eros Bodyglide Original

Pjur Mens Lubricant for Sex
It is one of the most popular silicon based lubricants on the market, which is best for quick lubrication and smoother entry. Must for anal sex lovers.

Which Lubricant is Best for Sex?

The answer depends on your requirement as the sexual tastes of each individual is different. Anyways, we’ve discussed enough about all the popular lubricants in the market and it is your time now to pick the one that fit your needs. Enjoy your sexual life.

That’s all folks! If you’re on a quest for the best personal lubricants in the market, then the above reviews may come useful. These lubricants are inexpensive and very effective. Try them!