Best Butt Enhancement Creams that Work

Want to grow your buttocks bigger naturally without any surgery? Then, you should definitely use one of these best butt enhancement creams in addition to your booty building foods & butt lift workouts.

These big booty creams are made from natural herbs such as Maca root extract, Volufiline, Pueraria Mirifica, Wild Yam etc…, which are proven to increase your bum size by stimulating the fat cells present underneath the area (skin), that too without any side effects.

Besides buttocks enlargement, these creams also help in reinforcing the structure of your skin skeleton and also improves your metabolism.

For much efficient & quicker results, you can complement these creams with the booty enlargement pills.

What is the Best Butt Enhancement Cream?

Listed are the most effective butt enlargement creams that actually worked (gave positive results in our tests).

Big Booty Cream ReviewEditor’s Rating
1.IsoSensual Curve (#1 choice)
2.Booty Magic (next best)
3.Major Curves
4.Bum Boutique
5.Envy Curve (bang for buck)

While trying to pick the best bigger butt creams, we’ve carefully compared & analyzed the top 10 most selling brands and then came up with these top 5 products based on their effectiveness and the active ingredients used.

Among the top five brands we’ve picked, the IsoSensual Curve comes with the highest price, but the effectiveness of the cream is worth it.

P.S: If you want to lift your buttocks size instantly, you can wear these butt lifter panties.

1.IsoSensuals Curve Butt Enlargement Cream

It is a natural buttocks enhancement cream which is proven to enlarge and lift your butt.

The active ingredient in the ISOSensual Curve is Voluplus™ which is derived from nutmeg (Macelignan) solubilized in Macadamia oil.

IsoSensual Curve Cream Reviews

The basic function of Voluplus™ is that it accelerates the creation of fresh cells able to store lipids at the same time increasing the overall capacity of those cells to store lipids at higher volumes. This scenario results in enlarged butt size. Voluplus™ has been proven scientifically to improve buttocks size by up to 18%.

Ingredients used in ISOsensuals Curve are:

  • De-ionized water
  • Voluplus™
  • Vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol
  • Beeswax, Vegetable Wax
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Oils such as Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Coconut

Each bottle is able to serve you for 2 months. For better results, try to use the Curve butt lift cream daily for at least 6 months. The smell is also very nice.

Note: If you don’t see any results within 60 days of using the cream, you can get your money back.

Cons: Nothing on the efficiency of the product, but the price is a bit higher compared to the other bottles. You can get it at a discounted price if you purchase 3 bottles at a time instead of one.

2.Booty Magic Butt Growth Cream

Booty Magic Cream Reviews

Whether it is your butt, hips or thighs, Booty Magic helps you make them bigger without weight gain. This 100% natural magic butt cream was created by women for women wanting to enhance their curves.

The ingredients used are

  • Maca
  • Aloe Vera Barbadenis Leaf Juice
  • Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract
  • Wild Yam Root Extract
  • Commiphora Mukel Resin Extract
  • Asiaticoside
  • Caprylic Capric Triglycerides
  • Vegetable Emulsifier Wax
  • Glycerin
  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Sodium Stearoyl
  • Allantoin
  • Leucidal
  • Glutamate

Our Verdict:

Firstly, it’s very low-priced compared to many other booty cream products in the market and 100% natural too. The manufacturers tried to use a mixture of natural oils that helps in increasing fat in the buttocks area and best of all there are no phytoestrogens used in this cream.

It comes with a 60 day supply and you get a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

Cons: You’ll need to use it at least for more than a month to see the visible changes in your buttocks size. So, if you’re in a hurry, then this product may not be for you.

3.Major Curves Bigger Butt Cream

Major Curves Cream Reviews

The Major Curves butt enlargement cream is made from 100% natural ingredients that help women achieve fuller hips, thighs and bigger butts.

The main reason for its effectiveness is the LipidMaxx, a key component that helps in stimulating the growth of adipose cells, which are responsible for fat storage.

It takes 2 months to see the visible results and you can speed up the things by pairing the cream with pills and other natural protein.


  • LipidMaxxTM (Commiphora Mukul Resin Extract, aka Commipheroline, Maca Root Extract, Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract)
  • Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Vegetable Emulsifier Wax
  • Wild Yam Root Extract
  • Caprylic Capric Triglycerides
  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Asiaticoside
  • Vitamin E
  • Octyl Palmitate
  • Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate
  • Camelia Sinensis
  • Leucidal
  • Allantoin
  • Glycerin

Massage each side of your buttocks with 3 pumps of the cream in a circular motion twice every day for 20-30 seconds, for 6 months to get long-lasting results.

Cons: Nothing, but you’ll need to use the cream for at least 2 months to notice the growth. But, you can maximize the results by combining with booty lifting workouts.

4.Gluteboost Butt Firming Cream

Gluteboost Cream Reviews

Don’t like to take the pills orally? Don’t worry! Gluteboost has got a new cream that increases the size of your buttocks.

Both the ingredients Volufiline and Voluplus are effective in giving you a pumpy bum.

The Volufiline is made from the combination of Sarsasaogenin from Zhi Mu and hydrogenated polyisobutene. Even the clinical trials on select individuals showed a huge increase of 12% in size after 28 days.

Ingredients used are:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf
  • Shea Butter
  • Glycerin
  • Safflower Seed Oil
  • Tocopherol
  • Maceligan
  • Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
  • Cocos Nucifera
  • Lavender Oil
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Watercress
  • Fish Oil


All Gluteboost products are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and gives permanent bigger butt. The natural oils present in the cream help in reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

The cream works by stimulating the fat cells, thereby helping them grow larger and denser. You can see the results in as little as 4 to 12 weeks, and even quicker when combined with Gluteboost pills.

Cons: Nothing

5.Bum Boutique Booty Firming Cream

Bum Boutique Buttock Cream Reviews

The buttocks cream is made from 100% all natural ingredients and has scientifically proven results with up to 18% increase in the butt size.


  • Volufiline
  • Voluplus
  • Watercress Leaf Extract
  • Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf
  • Shea Butter
  • Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil
  • Cocos Nucifera
  • Lavendar Oil
  • Butylene Glycol
  • Fish Oil
  • Purified Water
  • Gycerin

Massage a dime sized quantity of the cream on each side of your buttocks in a circular motion twice daily for 6 months.

Cons: Takes a bit longer to show the results, but they are permanent.

6.Envy Curve Buttocks Enhancer Cream

Envy Curve Booty Growth Cream Reviews

This big booty cream when applied on any area will stimulate the fat cells present underneath that area to grow larger and denser, thereby giving you a perfect booty.

It comes with a 100% risk free guarantee as it is produced in an FDA licensed facility.

Ingredients used are:

  • Green Tea lead extract
  • Propanediol
  • Fisetin
  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Sodium Acrylate
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat protein
  • Hydrolyzed Soy protein
  • Tripeptide-10 Citrulline
  • Caprylyl Glycol
  • Glycerin
  • Water

Our Verdict:

First thing I like about the product apart from the reviews is the risk free guarantee given by the manufacturers, which shows how confident they’re on the efficiency of the product. Second, you get to see the results in as little as 4 weeks of regular use (twice daily) and you also get money back guarantee in case you don’t see any results, no questions asked.

Cons: Some users have noticed a kind of warming sensation on their butt after application. But, there is no such feeling when you rub your hands. This may be because of the ingredients used in the cream that create a warming effect when applied. Fortunately, it is a sign that the cream started to do its job (stimulating the cells).

A single bottle of creams comes with 60 days’ supply (twice a day).

7.Slim Extreme 3D Super Serum Shaping Buttocks

Slim Extreme 3D Butt Lift Cream

This particular bum enhancement cream is unique because of the revolutionary formula based on volufiline.

The cream prevents skin flabbiness and also protects against any stretch marks formation.

Ingredients used are:

  • Volufiline
  • Hyalyronic acid
  • CaffeineLaminaria Algae
  • Asian Plant Garenia Asiatica extract
  • Methylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Ethylparaben
  • Propylparaben


Firstly, we like Volufiline as it enhances female curves from the inside out so that you get actual curves. A big advantage of this process is that you don’t get temporary swelling.

The best part of this cream is that it reinforces the structure of your skin skeleton, improves your metabolism, detoxicate and purifies.

It Works effectively for both breasts and butt.

Cons: Few users have been facing allergic reaction after using this cream on their skin, but the huge majority don’t.

How to Apply the Cream to Make Your Butt Bigger?

This method applies to all the buttocks creams, irrespective of those mentioned above.

Apply a small dime size of the cream on your buttocks, hips or thighs and massage in a circular motion for 20 to 30 seconds or until the cream is fully absorbed into your skin.

How to Apply Booty Growth Cream?

For best results, apply the cream twice every day for a minimum of 2 months to see the results. You can however fasten the results by combining the cream with diet, workouts and pills.

Do Butt Enhancement Creams Work?

The answer is both Yes… and No.

The creams are much more efficient than the oral pills, which enter into the digestive system first and then go through the liver and kidneys where they’re broken down.

Unfortunately, this long process reduces the overall efficiency of the pills, so does the results. Moreover, some women are not comfortable with the oral supplements and hence the companies have come up with topical creams for buttocks growth.

Fortunately, the buttocks enlargement creams doesn’t need to undergo such a long filtering process and hence the efficiency of the creams is better compared to that of the booty growth pills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the best buttocks enhancement cream?

ISOSensual Curve is by far the best-rated #1 booty cream in the market that have worked for many, including my sister.

2.What are the side effects of booty creams?

As long as you’re using the butt lift creams with 100% natural ingredients, you won’t find any major side effects. We’ve only listed those high quality products.

But, when you use cheap booty growth creams in the market, you’ll notice hair loss, weight gain, cold hands and feet, bloating, mood swings, headaches, etc…. So, always go for the best brands.

3.What foods make your buttocks bigger?

There are some foods like salmon, flax seeds, quinoa, legumes, brown rice, eggs, protein shakes that increase your bum size naturally. But, it takes time and you need patience. However, you can combine the diet with booty cream products and supplements to speed up the process.

4.Do squats make your butt bigger?

Squats will make your buttocks firm, not bigger or smaller. They help in toning your bum.


Many women are under the wrong impression that surgery is the only way to get a bigger butt. This is completely false. So, all I wanted to convey through my blog is that you can achieve a curvy figure by incorporating natural methods such as clean eating, regular exercise and natural supplements like those mentioned on this page.

Although, there are hundreds of products on the market, we’ve picked only the best butt enhancement creams that received the most positive customer reviews and shown real results. For all the products mentioned above, almost 85% of the users have said that they’ve seen positive results.

Have you used any creams other than those mentioned above and increased your buttocks size? (or) Are you planning to purchase one from the above list? Which one worked for you? Do share your opinions and suggestions in the comments below.


  1. Most of these products are found online not in stores.. I bought IsoSensual and Used it and I must Say My butt has Increased really well, I will be purchasing More butt enhancement products soon.

  2. This creams are nowhere in Africa.unless you have friends out side Africa who will buy them n ship to you where ever you are apart from been in the U.S.

  3. I sold ISOSensuals cream and Maca root in Nigeria when dollar exchange rate was N170, but because of the high exchange Rate now which is higher than the market rate because of the money transfer fees associated with converting Naira to Dollar in the US. I stopped and will continue if/when the exchange rate is back to N170.

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