How to Use Aguaje for Bigger Booty? Aguaje Health Benefits

When it comes to increasing female curves, then Aguaje can be counted as one of the best foods. It is actually an oval shaped fruit that is found all long the Amazon River, Orinoco river basins, South America, Western Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Some people also call it as the Amazonian Superfood or Curvy fruit.

Although the names are different, Aguaje and Buriti are the same fruit and is grown on a tree called the ‘Mauritia Flexuosa’ aka Moriche Palm. General thumb rule to differentiate between the terms is – the pill/powdered form is called Aguaje and the oil is called as Buriti oil.

P.S: You can also use Maca Root for buttocks growth. Here is the list of different herbs for bigger bum.

Health Benefits of Aguaje

The aguaje is popularly known as the ‘tree of life’ by the Amazonian people due to its ability to balance hormones as well as refresh and nourish the body. Hence, this fruit is used in their diet for longevity. It is also said that this fruit when eaten by the menopausal women helps in controlling the hot flashes and also in restoring the reduced estrogen values.

The aguaje is also 5x richer in vitamin A when compared to Carrots and is similar to Carotenoids. Others include vitamin C and essential fatty oils. The buriti oil, which is actually made from this fruit is rich in vitamin E. It also contains a decent amount of protein content, which helps in increasing your buttocks.

How Does Aguaje/Buriti Helps in Buttocks Growth?

The Aguaje fruit is rich in phytoestrogens and oleic acids, both helps in achieving a curvy figure. The electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients found in the fruit helps in promoting or enhancing not only the beauty, but also the overall health as well as beauty (skin).

Aguaje is available in both pills and powdered form from the online stores like

Aguaje Powder by Minvita

Aguaje Powder for a Bigger Booty

The Aguaje powder as mentioned above is very useful in increasing your breast and buttocks size. It is rich in Beta Carotene (provitamin A). Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and Phytohormones. It is also said to enhance the internal and external health of our body, hair and skin. Another interesting benefit of using the Aguaje is that it helps in regulating the menstrual cycle in women.

It comes in a 250 grams bottle (8.8 ounce) and can be purchased online from

How to use Aguaje Powder for Bigger Booty?

The powder can be used in a wide range of foods and drink products and the easiest way is to mix 1 tsp thrice a day in fruit juices, smoothies, yogurts, cereals or vegetable salad. If you don’t like to mix it visibly, you can also use it as an ingredient in your daily recipes while preparing them. It is 100% natural and is suitable for vegetarians too, since it is free from wheat, gluten and dairy.

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