Brazilian Butt Lift Workout: 5-Minute Booty Booster Exercise

Are you looking for a bikini body? Then you should know that there are different ways to make your butt bigger and rounder in shape. One popular way to increase your buttocks size is by exercising. Well, there are many butt workout programs out there, but one that has become very famous among the celebrities is the ‘Brazilian butt lift‘ workout which was developed by a personal fitness trainer named ‘Leandro Carvalho’. It has got the name mostly because of the reputation of women in Brazil for bigger bum.

Since the program is meant to work all your three muscles (triangle approach) such as the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, you’ll definitely get a large butt naturally. The Brazilian butt lift workout is very easy and it takes not more than 5 minutes per a session. There are totally 5 different workouts in a session where you’ll have to dedicate 1 minute to each one.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout [Step by Step]

Butt Lift Pile (0:01 to 1:00)

You should spend your first 1 minute on the piles. Simply stand with your feet wide apart, wider than the length of your shoulders, your arms at your sides and your toes pointing outwards. Once you have achieved this position, with your tailbone tucked, try to move your body down like in a squat as low as you could go. Once you’re comfortable, try to maintain the position and at the same time raise both your arms forward at your shoulder height. You should stay in that position for at least 2 to 5 seconds. Repeat this process multiple times in a minute.

Brazilian Butt Workout: Piles

Butt Lift Touchdown (1:00 to 2:00)

It is nothing but a reverse lunge. The only difference is that you need to start by squatting down by bending your knees at a 90 degree angle.

Brazilian Butt Workout: Touchdown

Bum Lift Explosive Lunge (2:00 to 3:00)

As the name implies, this is an advanced version of the lunge. Unlike the normal lunge where you need to switch legs after each lunge, in explosive lunge, you’ll need to jump and switch your legs in the mid air. The rest of the workout is the same like regular lunge.

Brazilian Butt Workout: Explosive Lunge

Booty Lift Single-Leg Squat with Towel (3:00 to 4:00)

Simply, stand with your feet together, arms at sides, toes pointing forward and your right foot placed on top of a folded towel. By shifting your entire weight to your left leg, slightly bend your left knee 45 to 90 degrees while by using the towel, slowly slide your right leg as far as you’re comfortable. Stay there for 30 seconds, return back to the base position and switch sides.

Brazilian Butt Workout: Single Leg with Towel

Brazilian Butt Lift Squat with Kick-Back (4:00 to 5:00)

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and keep your arms at sides. Now, keeping your weight on the heels, sit back into a squat position. Then move your right leg straight behind you, pointing arms to your front. Stay there for 2 to 5 seconds, return to start and then switch to the other leg.

Brazilian Butt Workout: Squats with Kick Back

If you carefully practice these 5 butt lift workouts regularly, then you can easily get a naturally looking sexy buttocks in no time. If you think that this program is beyond your fitness levels, then you should better practice the regular bigger butt exercises and once your body is habituated to the exercise routine, then you can go for the brazilian butt workouts.