How to Get a Bigger Butt in a Month Naturally?

Majority of the women dream of having a sexy and curvaceous figure. While some women look it from health perspective, most want to achieve a curvy body to get attention from their loved ones. Some studies have proven that women with bigger butt are less prone to heart attacks. More than the face, most men look at the buttocks of women. The more curvy and rounder they are, the more they could attract the guys.

Achieving a bigger butt fast in a month isn’t an easy job and it needs a lot of dedication and patience. Thankfully, if you follow the below methods regularly without fail, then you’ll surely grow a bigger butt in a month, that too naturally and without any side effects. In order to make your butt bigger, you’ll need to target two regions or parts; they are

  1. Gluteus Maximus – it is the muscle, which is responsible for shaping your buttocks.
  2. Buttocks Fat

Unfortunately, neither of these two will improve overnight and you’ll need to put your bum to work in order to get a bigger booty.

1.Foods that Make your Butt Bigger

The first and the most important change you’ll need to make to get a sexy looking butt is to change your diet routine. Firstly, you should stay away from all the foods that are processed (junk foods) as they won’t do any good to your body.
Organic Quinoa Whole GrainsInclude foods that are rich in healthy carbs such as rice, potatoes, bread, brown rice, whole wheat, multi-grain pastas and oatmeal as they’ll help in adding weight to your body. Along with the carbs, ensure that you also include foods that are rich in proteins such as Chicken, Nuts, Beans, Beef, Soy Protein and Fish as they will help build muscle on your buttocks. If you’re uncomfortable with non-veg items, you can try ‘quinoa’, a grain which is rich in protein and contains no animal by-products.

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2.Build a Bigger Butt with Maca Powder

organic maca root powderThere are many effective butt enhancement pills and booty growth creams in the market, but it may at least 2 to 3 months to see the changes. So, if you can’t wait that long, then Maca root should be your best bet. It is very helpful in growing your buttocks naturally and most importantly, you’ll notice an increase in your buttocks size quickly. Not only that, Maca also provides you with enough energy required to fulfill your daily activities without getting exhausted. Dried Maca contains 5x more protein than a Potato and 4x more fiber.

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3.Butt Exercises that Make Your Booty Bigger Fast

How to Do Squats for Bigger Buttocks?
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In order to get a bigger butt, you’ll also need to complement your diet with proper butt building exercises. There are many proven booty workouts that help in achieving a rounder butt such as Deadlifts, Butt Squats, and Lunges etc…

It is advised to dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour every day to get quicker results naturally. Below are a few articles where I’ve covered different butt enlargement workouts in detail.

4.Fish Oil for Bigger Buttocks

Apply Fish Oil for Bigger Bum

Fish oil is said to be effective in increasing your buttocks size naturally, but the main drawback of it is the longevity of the results. You can see about 1-2 inches growth on your butt, but since the results are not permanent, you’ll have to apply the fish oil regularly or as long as you want to maintain the size. Another main disadvantage is its smell, which is very horrendous. Of-course, you can try the fish oil pills and avoid the bad odor.

This option is best only for those who’re looking for temporary results i.e., if you want to achieve a bubble butt for a limited period of time and want to decrease the size afterwards, then you can use the fish oil on your buttocks to make it bigger temporarily.

5.How to Get a Bigger Butt Instantly without Surgery?

If you want to get a big bum permanently in less time, then the only option for you is to opt for a butt lift surgery. However, this may cost heavily and there are many pros and cons associated with these surgeries. Thankfully, there are many ways that will make your buttocks look bigger instantly. You can simply use the silicone padded panties or butt lifter panties to gain big booty almost immediately. But, do note that these results are temporary and you can try such methods as an alternative while you’re building your butt through above said natural methods.