How to Get a Bigger Butt in a Month Naturally?

A lot of women dream of having a sexy looking butt that draws the attention of men around her. It is very common for her to think like that, but it is not a very easy task to achieve a bigger butt in less time. However, if you consider the below points carefully, then you're sure to grow a bigger butt in a month that too naturally and without any side effects. In order to make your butt bigger, you'll need to target two regions or parts; they are
  1. Gluteus Maximus - it is the muscle, which is responsible for shaping your buttocks.
  2. Buttocks fat
Unfortunately, neither of these two will improve overnight and you'll need to put your butt to work to get a sexy looking figure.

Diet: Make Your Buttocks Bigger Fast with these Foods

The first and the most important thing to get a sexy looking butt is to change your diet routine. First of all, stay away from all the foods that are processed as they won't do any good to your body. Organic Quinoa Whole Grains Include foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, bread, brown rice, whole wheat, multigrain pastas and oatmeal as they'll help in adding weight to your body. Along with the carbs, ensure that you also include foods that are rich in proteins such as Chicken, Nuts, Beans, Beaf, Soy Protein and Fish as they will help build muscle on your buttocks. If you're uncomfortable with non-veg items, you can try 'quinoa', a grain which is rich in protein and no animal by-products.
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Incorporate Maca in your Daily Routine for a Bigger Butt

Build A Bigger Butt with Maca PowderUnlike the butt enhancement pills which take atleast 2 to 3 months to see the changes, Maca is very helpful and you'll notice the changes in your buttocks size quickly. Not only that, Maca also helps you attain energy that you needed for your daily activities. Dried Maca contains 5x more protein than a Potato and 4x more fiber. You can purchase Maca online on Amazon for only $21

Butt Exercises to Make Your Booty Bigger Fast

In order to achieve sexy looking butt, you'll need to add exercise to complement your diet. Simply, follow this 30 minute butt workout daily without fail.

Brazilian Butt Workout Video

Cellulite is nothing but a culmination of excess or extra fat that is stored in between the skin and muscle tissue. It is the most feared enemies of women who struggle to look fab with great curves. Irrespective of age and weight, it is seen mostly in women compared to men because of the higher Estrogen levels. All the extra fat is typically stored in the hip and buttocks region. Luckily, there are many exercises to remove cellulite from the buttocks.

Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite on Buttocks


How to Get Rid of Cellulite from Buttocks with Lunges?
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These are one of the best exercises to get bigger buttocks. Apart from growing your butt, these lunges can also help in getting rid of the cellulite from your booty. Stand straight with hands on your hips and feet slightly kept apart. Now, stretch your right leg forward, with left leg touching the ground flat. Return to basic standing position and switch the leg. Try to perform atleast 3 sets of 15 exercises each, on both legs. If you want to increase the complexity, use weights.

#2.Buttocks Bridge or Butt Lift

Buttocks Bridge Exercise for Cellulite Problem

This is one of the best yoga exercises for butt enlargement. Lie flat on the floor with the hands on your sides and knees slightly bent. Make sure that your feet are placed around the shoulder width. Next, pushing with your heels, try to lift up your hips from the ground. While doing so, you should keep your back straight. Breathe out while lifting up and breathe in as you return to the lying position. Try to perform this butt lift exercise regularly to fight cellulite away from your buttocks.

#3.Clamshell Exercise

Fight Bum Cellulite with Clamshell Exercise
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Sleep on the floor, on one side, with your elbows supporting your body, knees slightly bent and your basin in front. Now, put your other hand on the hip and raise basin and buttocks, by holding the ankles together. Spread your legs and hold in that position for 10 seconds (or as long as you can) and return to the initial position. To crosscheck whether you're performing this exercise correctly or not, see that you're feeling your muscles working. Try to perform at least 3 sets of 10 exercises each, on both the sides.

#4.Single Leg Squat

Single Leg Squat for Buttocks Enlargement
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Stand with your back straight and stretch your hands in front of your chest area. Now, raise your left leg at 30 degrees and try to bring down your buttocks to the floor slowly. Return back to the initial position at the same pace. Try to perform atleast 3 sets of 10 exercises each, on both the legs. If you face any problem holding your balance, then try to use a wall to lean a hand.

#5.Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps to Get Rid of Buttocks Cellulite
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Keeping your back straight, sit with hands on your head & feet kept apart. Now, jump up and get back to the starting position. Try to perform atleast 3 sets of 15 exercises. While doing this exercise, tighten your abdominal muscles so that you can balance yourself while you're jumping and landing on your toes.

#6.Hydrant Exercise

Hydrant Exercise for Getting Rid of Cellulite from Booty

Get on your knees and lean with your hands on the ground. Keep your right leg bent and raise the foot as high as possible and get back to the initial stage. Try to perform atleast 3 sets of 15 exercises each, on both the legs.

#7.Cardiovascular Training

Eliminate Cellulite with Cardio Workouts
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Performing the cardio exercises will not only help you burn bum fat, but also the overall body fat, as it will elevate your heart rate and thus the metabolism. When you incorporate these cardio workouts with the other exercises, you can easily eliminate cellulite in the buttocks area. A few effective cardio workouts include riding a bicycle, walking/running on the treadmill at an incline, step aerobics etc... Try to practice cardio routine for atleast 3 weeks continuously to see noticeable results.

Well, all the above exercises are proven to reduce cellulite on the buttocks area in a very less period of time. So, try to perform these 7 booty exercises to get rid of cellulite on your bum fast, naturally.
These days, it is not a surprise to see women wanting booty like Kim Kardashian. There are many ways to make your butt bigger naturally, but all such attempts need patience and efforts. So, women who want quick results can opt for the Buttock augmentation procedure. However, before deciding to go under the knife for a bootyful body, it is better to understand the pros and cons of the surgery.

Earlier, we've covered a detailed review of the Brazilian butt lift surgery on our blog. Like we said, there are actually two types of surgical procedures to increase your buttocks size. They are:

Butt Implant Surgery: Here, the surgeon inserts a solid elastomeric implants or silicone implants, by making a small incision below your gluteus maximus muscle. In this procedure, the results are exact and permanent.

Butt Enhancement Surgery: This is where the surgeon simply transfers the fat stored in your own body (from other areas) and injects the same into your buttocks. This process is very safe as the fat is taken from your own body. However, the results depend on how your booty reacts to the newly accumulated fat.

So, now you know the differences between the butt enhancement and butt implants.

kim kardashian bum implants before and after pics

Silicone Butt Implant Surgery Overview: Pros and Cons

The surgeon will make a small incision, which is usually around 5 to 8 cms, in the buttock crease and then inserts the silicone implants through that incision. In this procedure, you'll not find any scars and the solid silicone-elastomeric implants doesn't pose any risk of leakage.

To minimize the complications, there will be an anaesthesiologist along with the surgeon in the operation theatre to perform either a general or local anaesthesia. The duration of the butt implants surgery will take anywhere between 2 to 7 hours and it totally depends on what the patient has requested? Once the surgery is done, you're advised to take rest for at least a month. Generally, the swelling dies down after 4 to 6 weeks and 6 to 8 months for the full recovery of the tissues that are damaged during the buttocks implant surgery.

Am I Eligible to Undergo Butt Implant Surgery?

The butt implant surgical procedure involves the insertion of silicone implants inside your buttocks muscle. So, unlike the fat transfer procedure (butt enhancement surgery), where only people with a certain amount of fat deposits are eligible, getting the implants doesn't have any eligibility criteria. It can even be done on individuals who're skinny.
nicki minaj buttocks implants before and after

Are the Butt Implants Safe?

Well, this is a very complicated question as the safety of the procedure completely lies with the doctor you choose. So, it is best to discuss about the pre and post-operation with your doctor before considering this, or any type of surgery for that matter.

Like any other surgery, there is a risk of infection to the wound after the operation is performed. So, it is highly advised to follow the instructions given by your doctor such as caring your buttocks, recovery time etc...

How Much Do Butt Implant Surgery Cost?

There is no such exact cost for the butt implants, as it depends on several factors such as actual surgery cost, consultation fees, anaesthesian fees, in-hospital fees while in the recovery stage, medicines cost post the operation, etc... So, it is recommended to contact a well reputed hospital and ask for a complete package cost.

You might also notice a lot of differences in the butt implants cost from one doctor to another and one country to another. For example, a butt implant surgical procedure in the US, can cost up to $8,000. That is the reason why many people opt for plastic surgery outside the US.

The cost is much cheaper in countries like South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. For example, you can get the buttocks implant surgery under $4300, if you go to Brazil. The same will cost $5000 in India, $5,400 in the Philippines and so on... In this example, the package includes consultation, anaesthesia, the actual surgery, 5-star stay and translator.

How to Select a Surgeon for Butt Implants?

Don't just go with the price factor before selecting a surgeon! You should also consider several other factors such as

  • Is the surgeon from a reputed hospital (accredited institution with board certified specialists)?
  • Does he have any prior experience of performing a butt augmentation procedure?
  • Will he tackle only cosmetic or even reconstructive surgery?
  • Ask for the examples of his previous work?
  • Choose a board-certified anaesthesiologist over a nurse anaesthetist (Of course, the price may increase, but you'll be safe hands)

These are the most important questions you need to get answers to, while choosing a plastic surgeon for performing the butt implants operation. Do note that safety should be your main priority, but not the cost.

Are the Butt Implants Worth?

The results you achieve after the surgery is performed are more or less permanent. So, if you're looking to give an extra lift to your buttocks, then it is a wise investment. The implants stay longer than the Brazilian butt lift surgery, but the latter is less risky with almost no complications. So, it is up to you now to decide.

Butt Implants Before and After Surgery

Buttock Implants Before and After Pictures
Pic credit: Dr.Douglas Senderoff

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